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Given an infinite number of universes, Graham Greene, Saul Bellow and Chuck Palahniuk have somewhere engaged in congress together. In that universe I have sold my soul to be their lovechild.

Free Online Serialisation: The Warrior's Angel

Born from the literary romance and speculative fiction genres (not a million light-years from The Time Traveller’s Wife), THE WARRIOR’S ANGEL is a provocative coming-of-age tale about the lengths to which our not-so-far-in-the-future descendants may one day go to replace lost love - here in the form of special air-cadet Gabby 9er whose life spirals out of control when she discovers a dark family secret on her eighteenth birthday; a secret that forces her to question the nature of love, and even her very identity.


"Shaped by its concern with the nourishing and destructive properties of love and the dangerous forms that lurk beneath appearances, 'The Warrior's Angel' is ultimately about a challenge that faces us all: that of finding peace with our personal demons—or at least an abiding ceasefire—and resisting the temptation to look back. But if there is one emotional vein tapped deeper than any other here, it is that of the toxic stuff coursing between love and loss, desire and abandonment, so often contaminating its victims for life..." -- Zennis


"I love Babushka - it’s a coming-of-age story that’s so different from everything else I’ve read. [It] is fresh, original and provocative, containing images I’ve never seen before … The character of Gabby 9er has many layers - she is so intense and interesting." -- IVANA BAQUERO (star of Guillermo Del Torro's 'Pan's Labyrinth')

You can find out more about Gabby 9er on her facebook page at facebook.com/Gabby9er. There's also a page at facebook.com/BabushkaTheFilm about the British sci-fi film being adapted from the novel - don't forget to share the pages with your friends :-)